Weird, Wacky, Wild and Just Plain Random

Welp, you clicked it. You’ve found the weirdest, most random and sometimes, the creepiest things we’ve  encountered while traveling. Much like you finding this page, we really didn’t ask to come across some of these things, we just did.


The Naked Cowboy. You gotta respect the man for getting out there and doing his thing.

Church of Scientology, NYC: In the middle of the theater district, right around the corner from Times Square you’ll find this church. Just seems outta place. But then again…location, location, location.
Cirkus Van: When you’re a foreigner in an unknown city, wandering around trying to find smokes at 1 am, this is the last thing you want to see.
Door to the Underdark: There were a few of these doors along a path we were walking on in Copenhagen. I peeked my head in one, there were not any Drow. There was however a very military looking guard down there.
Giant Slugs: Yuck! We were camping in Poland and came across the biggest slugs ever. I wish I would have put my hand in the pic so you could truly see how big this thing was.
Žižkov Television Tower, Prague: Yes, those are babies crawling on that tower.
Hot Fifties Handwash: Not exactly sure what made it so fifties, but it smelled pretty good. It’s also worth noting, this was at a families apartment in Prague, that we were staying with. This was the only time I have been in a restroom, that was not public, where there was a whole other room for the toilet.
Another Entrance to the Underdark: This one spoke volumes to us.
Euro Mailbox: Europe has far cooler mailboxes.
Dirty Dirty Scooters: It was hard to resist being seduced into renting these.
Instant Ruin Pub, Budapest
Instant Ruin Pub, Budapest
Instant Ruin Pub, Budapest
Instant Ruin Pub, Budapest: This is by far the weirdest place I have ever gotten drunk, and I’ve been drunk in some pretty strange places.
Graffiti: Its art and its everywhere.
???: We were working at a hostel in Budapest for a bit, one morning I went to change this bed and this was waiting for me… not sure what went on here.

More Randomness Coming Soon…