Strøget on a Budget:

Our advice for visiting Strøget on a budget? Run! Run very fast! But, run down Strøget at least. It’s definitely worth seeing one of the longest and most expensive pedestrian streets in Europe. Strøget is a commercial and entertainment center for Copenhagen that can hit the pockets pretty hard if you are on a budget. This isn’t just one of the most expensive shopping streets in Europe. Strøget is one of the most expensive in the world. Just like the city of Copenhagen itself. With all the fine dining options and fancy-pants brands on Strøget, it’s sorta like the Fifth Avenue of Copenhagen.


Strøget is located in the heart of the Old Towne and runs the 1.1km between Rådhuspladsen (City Hall Square) and Kongens Nytorv (The New Kings Square).  The street was first established around 1728 but really took off as a major commercial center for the city in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Most of the buildings here are from that time period as well. Some of the oldest buildings have survived numerous city disasters and date all the way back to the 1600’s. The street was switched to a full pedestrian zone in 1962 as cars began to overtake the city center making it also one of the first in the world to make the full switch.  

Budget Shopping on Strøget: 

If your visiting Strøget on a budget you are not completely without options to get your shopping fix. If you are on a very strict budget, backpacking or shopping just isn’t your thing, like us, there is still plenty to see and do. I’ll get to those in a moment, for now, let’s go shopping. 

If you’re planning on checking out some of the stores and you’re on a budget, stick to the Rådhuspladsen end of the street. You will find your best deals on this end for both stores and food as well. You can also venture off of Strøget into the surrounding neighborhoods to find even better deals. Like many tourist areas, the prices drop significantly once you get away from the trap. 

A few cheaper options on this end include stores like H&M, The New Yorker, and Zara. There are a lot of clothing stores and a lot of bigger names just like on Fifth Avenue. There are also numerous thrift stores, souvenir shops, and little stores like that on Strøget and the adjacent streets. One of these streets you should check out is Joroks Passage that has a cheaper mall compared to the ones on Strøget. 

Strøget Copenhagen Photo via Københavns Kommune
Photo via Københavns Kommune

Budget Eats on Strøget: 

You’ll find some of the best restaurants for fine dining in the world on Strøget. In recent years Copenhagen has really broken into the top places to eat worldwide, with restaurants like Noma leading the pack. If you’re on a budget visiting Strøget these five-star dishes are probably the farthest thing from your mind.

We had to try Smørrebrod at this great outside cafe.

Well…then again I thought about all the food all the time. I mean come on, trying foods from around the world is one of the greatest parts of travel, right? If you’re on a budget but starving don’t worry you won’t go hungry here.  There are plenty of cheaper eats than those critically acclaimed restaurants. 

Again, stick to the Rådhuspladsen end of the street near McDonald’s and venture off of Strøget for food as well. Off of Strøget, you will be able to find restaurants that are not targeted at tourists. You can find some of the top restaurants where locals eat just a short walk away.  If you want to taste the real food in the country you’re visiting then this is the way to do it.

Being as touristy as it is you’ll find plenty of fast food options, cafes, diners, food stands and food carts on Strøget itself. The stands and carts are one of your best options here where you can try great Copenhagen street food like a Pølse (that’s Danish for hot dog…sorta). Read up on it here, know it, learn it, love it! I know I’m so regretting not trying one right now. 

How amazing does this look?                                                                                                                      Photo via Døb.

Budget Entertainment on Strøget: 

You can still enjoy your visit without spending anything even if it’s just taking a stroll to check out the architecture or window shop. Here you are in the center of Old Towne so there’s something in every direction. Some cheaper spots include City Hall, Kongens Nytorv, Church of the Holy Ghost, Nyhavn, Tivoli (not budget friendly but still cool), the Royal Danish Theatre and even Europes only Guinness Book of World Records Museum.  

Our personal favorite thing that we actually did on Strøget was the LEGO Store. Because…well… Legos!  If your traveling with family or kids, or just need a break from sightseeing, then go to the LEGO Store. You can totally play with millions of Legos for free! 

Saftey on Strøget:

Denmark is the safest and happiest country in the world, but if there is any place in Copenhagen to keep your guard up it’s on Stroget and the connecting plazas. This is a tourist hot spot for the city and almost all city centers in Europe are.  Støget also being the commercial and shopping center for the city means people that transverse the street most likely have money. Which makes them, and you by association being on the street, prime targets for pickpockets and con-artists. 

If you are a tourist you are always a potential target and need to keep yourself and your valuables safe. When visiting Strøget make sure your money is secured either in zipper pockets or a money belt. Don’t leave it in your backpack or an open pocket. These guys are good and will get your money. Sometimes it’s a good idea to wear your backpack on your chest instead of your back out of your eyesight. Be on the lookout for anyone that approaches you wanting to play games, take pictures with you or offer you anything. These are some of the ways scammers and con-artists will get you.  

Run Strøget, Don’t Let it Run You:

Visiting Strøget on a budget doesn’t have to be a completely harrowing experience if you stick to your budget. Don’t give in to all the temptations this street throws at you. Hold strong, my friend and run fast. Our suggestion is to explore less of Strøget and more of the surrounding neighborhoods. You can always find some hidden gems when you explore just a few streets away from the tourist trap! 

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