Slotsholmen and Slotsholmsgade:

A short walk from Nyhavn Harbor sits the island of Slotsholmen and Slotsholmsgade the government center for the city and Denmark. Slotsholmsgade is a street that was originally used as a trade dock for the Borsen Stock Exchange and nearby Nyhavn.

Copenhagen - Børsen - Slotsholmen - Slotsholmsgade - Photo by: John Tallman @

Borsen takes up a huge section of the street on its own and is crazy big. I realize we have huge ass buildings like this here in the U.S. but when they are so intricately designed like those in Europe they’re far more impressive. This isn’t even considered big as far as buildings go, it’s just long as hell!

The buildings on Slotsholmsgade are prime examples of the Dutch Renaissance style of architecture that now dominates the city since the 17th and 18th century. Most of the Old Towne that we know today began to take shape during this period.

The city has undergone massive reconstruction multiple times throughout the years due to wars, besiegements, and occupations. Because of this, however, the current styles of Danish architecture were perfected. Walking the length of Slotsholmsgade it’s very easy to see why Copenhagen is considered the Jewel of Denmark. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to explore these magnificent builds. 

Copenhagen - Børsen - Slotsholmen - Slotsholmsgade - Photo by: John Tallman @


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