New York City: Our Favorite Trip Pics

New York City is one of the most photographed cities in the world and man, does it love the camera. It’s a natural, a diva, it’s gonna be somebody one day or rather already is of course. The biggest regret about our NYC trip, besides not having enough time, was not taking more pictures. We were so caught up with just seeing this amazing city and being there that we just didn’t think about taking pictures of everything. Which really is completely okay. There’s been times that we’ve left our camera’s back in the room or turned our phones off just so we can enjoy the experiences without technology being a distraction. It’s nice to unplug every once in while and just live.

Being that we were unplugged for a good portion of our day we didn’t get many pictures of the first city on our trip. That’s okay we completely made up for it 1000 fold once we hit Copenhagen. We did manage to get a few great shots in each of the areas that we visited. I really wish we could have taken a few more of Broadway, but by the time we got there we were seriously hustling to make it back to JFK. That famous street in the Theatre District is just one I have always wanted to explore. However, our time was running out and we needed to get back to JFK to catch our plane. So, at least we got to take a brisk walk down Broadway and I’ll look forward to delving deeper in to it’s history on our next visit. All in all our little day trip to New York City was a great way to kill the 8 hours until our flight. We saw places that we’ve always wanted see and now can say that we’ve been to NYC.

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