To All You Badass Women: Thank You

To every badass woman in my life and all you badass women all around the world, Happy International Women’s Day! 

It’s sad really that we need to have days like today at all. There will come a time when we will not need special occasions to celebrate the accomplishments of an entire demographic. When every single person no matter gender, race or belief will be treated equally and without fear of hatred and persecution. There will come a time one day when we look back on days like today and ask ourselves why we needed them. We will have to remind ourselves that there was a time in humanities history when sexism, misogyny, prejudice, and discrimination ran rampant.

We live in a horrible society when all these things do indeed run rampant. When we choose still to turn a blind eye to those bigots that won’t let this way of thinking, this archaic way of life dies. But still every day there are more and more strong women, more of us radical believers of equality and more of you that will snuff out every narrow-minded principle that has ever shamed, persecuted and held any minority down. Those hateful beliefs those despicable principles..they shame us all. Every single one of us should be ashamed that in 2018, though we have come so far, we still allow our world to be dominated by inequality, racism, and fear.

But then we have days like today to remind us of all that. To remind the ones that are brave enough to stand-up and say enough is enough, that you are not alone. That your fight is not in vain, that the rest of us hear you and stand with you. So with that, again I thank every one of you courageous women who have to endure daily the sad reality of the world around us. I thank every one of you for having the strength to stay strong, to fight back, and to rise above every expectation set against you. Every one of you is an inspiration for the rest of us to rise up and say no more.

To my love,

I want to say a special thank you to my amazing wife. I am so lucky to have a strong, courageous and amazing woman in my life that choose me to be her husband. You have been my strength and inspiration since the day I met you and you will always continue to be. You make me so proud of everything you have accomplished and everything that you are. I love you with all my heart and will always stand by your side no matter what this messed up world throws at us.

Love of my life!


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