Not a Fan of the Axiom “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” Mentality While Traveling


If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all…

So I’m aware of the axiom that if you’ve seen one church, castle, bridge, etc.. in Europe (especially Eastern) that you’ve seen them all. While I can understand where people are coming from with this, I have to totally disagree. There’s a little more to it than that in my opinion.

Yea sure there are similarities and all, but what’s really important is not the aesthetic appeal for your sightseeing pleasures. Who gives a shit if WE think they’re all the same. What matters is the history and the cultural significance that these landmarks have and what they mean to the people who live in these countries.

When you visit take a moment to stop and think about all the lives that this particular church you’re visiting has changed. Moreover, how many people through the generations have come here bearing there heart and souls in search for answers. Or that this was a place for some bodies lives end, where their families mourned for them and said their final goodbyes.

You have to ask why these people needed to cross the bridge that your standing on. What was on the other side that they needed to get to so badly? Are they just going about the daily routine? Were they running from something? Why? When you stop and think about what these places mean to the people who live there, all those churches, castles and bridges they start to look a little more unique unto themselves.

Sometimes we get swept up in the sightseeing aspect of traveling but don’t really see what we’re looking at. I’m just as guilty, myself. It’s the whole wide-eyed, ooh and ah, mouth hanging open, and you’re seeing something brand freaking new for the first time struggle. It’s very real…

Don’t get me wrong I get why people say everything looks the same. I just think that too many travelers don’t stop to really try to understand the cultural significance of what they’re looking at. After all so many are just trying to get that bangin’ selfie for Instagram, right?

Or is it tourists I’m talking about, here? Ass-holes? Kids? The uncultured…? I don’t know, there are too many labels these days. Overall it’s just an opinion, I don’t get into that whole elitist traveler vs tourist thing. Whatever, you just do you and travel how you want. All I’m saying is if you say all these places look the same perhaps you should just look harder.

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