Generator Copenhagen Popped Our Hostel Cherry and Here’s the Review

Isn’t Hostel a horror movie?

I think there’s a complete misconception about hostels in the States. Something that might be derived from the media and horror stories made up by screenwriters that have never actually stayed at a one. People fear the unknown I guess, and I’m not gonna lie I had my own doubts about staying at hostels at first. When we booked Generator, I insisted we get a private room just so I could scout this whole hostel scene out for myself. Amanda didn’t have the same trepidations as I did, with staying in hostels or a dorm. She had stayed in them before and is also way more sociable than I am… I may or may not go through complete hermit phases every once in a while. I mean, come on what self-respecting anti-social nerd doesn’t?

John and Amanda outside Generator Hostel Copenhagen
We were so excited about our first hostel!

Sure I read a crap ton of blog posts about hostels, scrolled through countless reviews and watched all the YouTube videos I could on the subject. If only to ease my mind that this was indeed not a place of death and unholy sacrifices. But really, I think it was just the dorm setting that put me off, the thought of sleeping in the same room as eight other strangers completely unnerved me. Amanda being the loving wifey that she is, agreed to our first stay being in a private room. Yay! 

Photo via:
The art on the wall is done by Tim Bjorn Illustrations. Photo via: Generator Hostels

Generator Copenhagen:

Generator Copenhagen could not have been a better choice for getting that proverbial hostel cherry popped. I would say it definitely falls into the more corporate ran cookie cutter hostel experience, landing somewhere between a hotel and a hostel, which is completely okay. Generator Hostels make for a great first time experience for hostel noobs like us. You get the general hostel feel, yet there is definitely that hotel vibe going on as well. This went a long way in helping us feel more comfortable, and our next hostel ended up being Generator Hamburg, because of how welcome we felt at the Copenhagen location. When your thousands of miles away from home for the first time, you want to feel safe and secure wherever you’re staying and Generator Copenhagen did just that. 

Photo via:
Photo via: Generator Hostels

Much like the rest of Copenhagen and Denmark, Generator Hostel was sleek, fresh, and cool. Our first impression walking in the door was that this place was hip! This place was happening, man! We also had that whole noob traveler thing going on with this being our first country, so that may have influenced our first impressions. Either way Generators interior was very clean, modern and stylish. It was all very bright and colorful, nice and easy on the eyes. It just popped, we loved it!

Photo via:
Photo via: Generator Hostels

The staff at both Generators were extremely friendly and helpful! The fact that Denmark was our first country made the culture shock thing all but non-existent. That would come in Germany. Most people know how to speak English here, after all, Danes are the 3rd best non-native English-speaking country in the world. While this wasn’t a direct reason we picked Denmark for country number one, it was a happy bonus. English is not the only language that’s spoken by the staff either. There are multilingual members on board that can communicate with almost anyone. This really made checking in very easy and they were able to answer any questions that we had. There have been times we’ve stayed at a hostel or BnB where nobody speaks English, and let me just say it is a lot easier for both sides when you can understand each other.

Sunset outside of Generator room window
A room with a view! This lovely sunset greeted us when we got to our room.

Our room:

For the private double room, we spent about 60 USD or 360 DKK. We booked in advance and used to get a great discount. Always shop for discounts and compare prices when looking for a room! They have multiple room options for whatever you may need for your trip, including dorms, premium doubles, and private family dorms. The prices do change depending on availability, day of the week and the season so make sure you check before you go.

Backpacks thrown on a bed. A view of Copenhagen out of the hostel window.
The standard double room was a bit small but it was enough for us. Everything was very clean and well kept including the bathroom.If you’ve stayed at hostels before you know showers can be very touch and go.

Copenhagen may be one of the most expensive cities in the world but for us, after living in the U.S. it was very comparable to home. In fact, at home, you couldn’t get a room anywhere close to what we had. For 60 bucks in the States, you’d probably get a cot in the backroom of some meth-heads garage that’s listed as 4 stars on Airbnb. Probably not a good way to spend a vacation.
One of the quad family rooms. Photo via: Wyld Family Travel

We were pleasantly shocked how nice our room was for the price. The pictures posted online did not really do it any justice it was so much cozier than it had seemed. We even had an amazing view of the sunset as soon as we got to our room. We chose to get a room with a bathroom as opposed to others that have communal showers. Baby steps, I had to ease into the hostel thing, remember? It was weird enough taking a shower without an actual door, I felt like I was doing something wrong the whole time just letting the water run on the floor. In case you weren’t aware, a lot of showers in Europe drain not inside the shower but the middle of the washroom floor. One of the wackiest things I’ve ever seen.

A premium double room at Generator Copenhagen
Photo via: Generator Hostels

All the amenities:

Generator offers up a number of services that you’d find at your usual hostel, like laundry services, clean towels, free wi-fi, (which by the way is not as common in Europe as it is in the U.S.) community rooms, entertainment, tourist info, etc. There are additionally a few other perks for your stay that Generator excels at and some that other hostels don’t even offer. One thing they do not have however is a guest kitchen. Most hostels in Europe offer a community kitchen for guests to use, Generator Copenhagen does not and I’m pretty sure none of their locations have one. 

Full Bar and lounge

Photo via:
Photo via: Generator Hostels

A bar in a hostel is just a plain good idea. Not all hostels have them and most that do tend to be more on the party hostel side from our experience. This is one of those hotel vibes I was talking about. The bar and lounge here feel more like one that would be found at a nice hotel. The lounge comes equipped with a tv, plenty of seating, board games, dart boards and even shuffleboard! There’s also an outside terrace that’s home to the first ever Petanque Bar in Copenhagen. There are so many fun things to do at all the Generators it’s insane! Definitely great if you arrive before check-in or have to wait for a flight after checking out. 

Photo via:
Photo via: Generator Hostels

That’s right there’s a restaurant! While your unwinding from that long day of sightseeing with a drink, you might as well give your feet a break and just eat at Generators full-service restaurant! We didn’t try the restaurant here but we did eat at the one in Hamburg and it was really good. The prices at both the restaurant and the bar are a bit higher than other establishments in the city, but hey you pay for convenience, right? 

Picture of Copenhagen Generator lounge via Wyld Family Travel
Photo via: Wyld Family Travel Check out their wonderful review of Generator Copenhagen if you’re planning a family trip!

Breakfast Buffet  

The dining area. Photo via: TripAdvisor

Making everything even more convenient for you is a delightful breakfast buffet offered every morning for a small cost. The price varies from 3.50 to 8 Euros, which isn’t too expensive at all but still more than going to the grocery if you’re on a budget. We didn’t eat at this Generator so I can’t really say how good their breakfast is but if it compares to the Hamburg location, and I’m sure it does, it’s good, but nothing special. You’ll find plenty of breakfast stables offered up, except for freaking bacon…can you even offer a breakfast buffet without bacon? What is this blasphemy!?!? We definitely were not in America anymore. 

Bike Rentals

You can rent city-bikes directly from Generator at the front desk or in their Travel Shop. Very cool indeed. We took advantage of this in Hamburg, it was a great for the day and lots of fun even if we did get a lot…we now despise Hamburg city streets…*shakes fist in anger*.

Travel Shop 

Photo via: TripAdvisor

Stepping up the tourist info game offered by many hostels, Generator Copenhagen offers a full-on travel shop with all the information you could ever need about Copenhagen. You can even buy all your city and tour passes here or at the reception counter. Again, Generator Hostels are all about convenience and the guest experience! 


Luggage Lockers at the Generator Copenhagen
Photo via:

If you need to store your luggage before or after check-in you can rent lockers right at the hostel. Much better than piling everyone’s crap behind the reception desk that a lot of hostels seem to do. The prices start at 20 DKK for a small locker and are completely worth not lugging everything around with you. A large locker for the day cost us 80 DKK or about 13.50 USD.

Worth the price:

Above all else, Generator really knows who to create a memorable guest experience. The staff was wonderful and so helpful, they’re available 24/7 to make your stay as pleasurable as possible. It may be more expensive than some other hostels in the city but for everything you get with your stay, it makes the extra money a lot easier to fork over. Generator is even centrally located a short walk from some of the best spots in the city as well. Nearby you can find Kongens Nytorv, Strøget Street, Nyhavn Harbour, Christiana and much more! If the in-house restaurant is not what you’re looking for you can find many more traditional restaurants a short distance away also.  

We can’t say enough good things about this place. If you’ve never stayed at a Generator before we highly recommend it. If you’ve never stayed at a hostel period, we recommend it even more so. In short, go stay at a Generator and get that hostel cherry popped. After all, don’t you want your first time to be memorable? 

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11 thoughts on “Generator Copenhagen Popped Our Hostel Cherry and Here’s the Review

  1. Wow you really found a great deal. I haven’t stayed in a hostel but would do it in a private room. I am going to have to start looking for these since it seems like you saved a lot of money. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

    1. We saved so much! Our original plan was to camp, so we brought a tent and all that with us. We seriously underestimated how cold September nights got in Europe. We camped I think twice and then just got rooms because it was only on average $5-10 more. And we found so many great private rooms and apartments for rent on at a fraction of the price of a hotel room!

  2. Wow this looks like an AMAZING hostel!! Definitely pinned it for later bc we hope to make to to Copenhagen soon! And yes, there is a serious misconception about Hostel in the states. That was the last horror movie I ever watched. I was seriously scarred for life after seeing that, especially considering how much I travel. Then one rainy night I was taking a train from the airport back home and a girl approached me, and we confirmed to each other this was the right train. Then her next question was, “Have you seen Hostel? I’m from Slovakia” It freaked me out and I made sure not to sit next to her haha. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard!

    1. I think also because we just don’t have hostels here like in other countries. Generator was definitely a wonderful first experience. Haha I don’t think I would have sat by her either lol or maybe…saftey in numbers? Lol

  3. $60 is a steal in Copenhagen (or most Scandic countries). I was fortunate to get an employee rate when I went to Copenhagen, but I remember thinking prices were out of site. Generation looks very nice and seems to keep many Danish design elements, which I appreciate. I was initially intimidated by the bikers, but I joined a tour one night and fell in love with it (and biking! Why can’t Texas have nice things?) Glad your hostel experience was such a positive one! I only had one negative experience in my hosteling days… but they were always an adventure! #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. Amanda is amazing at finding the deals! $60 was a steal! It was like 65 or so really with fees and such, but still. Almost every private room we found, be it a hostel, BnB, apartment whatever was on as a lightning deal. I truly think we just got lucky most of the time. And also because we were coming from the State’s the prices in Copenhagen just didn’t seem that bad. lol

  4. I was a bit nervous about staying in hostels too, but now it’s a way of life! This one looks particularly AMAZING so definitely a good option for a first-time hostel experience. It looks like such a fun place to stay. #TheWeeklyPostcard

  5. What brilliant value. I’m just starting to consider hostels as an affordable option for my family now that my kids are a bit older. It’s certainly a great idea in expensive cities like Copenhagen. #Theweeklypostcard

    1. They really are great deals! We also looked for private apartments to rent as well and those were really cheap as well. If you find the right deal, of course, we always shopped for the lightning deals (I think that’s what it’s called on booking) we found a nice one in Croatia for 11 USD a night!

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