City of Spires: Kunsthallen Nikolaj

Spire of Kunsthallen Nikolaj

Copenhagen is known as the City of Spires, and it really has some beautiful examples to show off for sure. While there are cities such as Prague, which is similarly called the City of a Thousand Spires that do have many more. Copenhagen’s are uniquely representative of the cities otherwise flat skyline. These copper topped masterpieces, along with the various towers and great domes, have taken on a distinctive emerald-green color through the years due to seawater and the weather. 

This tower belongs to Kunsthallen Nikolaj and is the 3rd oldest church in Copenhagen. The building was formerly home to The Church of Nikolaj since the 13th century. The original church basically was entirely burned down during a 3-day fire in 1795. Since that fire, the Church closed and the building has been used for various purposes over the years. Including stables, butchers, a museum, and a library. 

The spire you see today is a reconstruction of the original tower finished in 1912 along with a modernization of the buildings remains. Currently, since the 1950’s, Kunsthallen Nikolaj has been home to a Modern Art Gallery showcasing the very best of Danish and international contemporary art. The gallery is located a very short distance from Copenhagen’s famous shopping street Strøget. It will cost you 70DKK to check out the exhibits if you are in the area. 

Sadly the fire of 1795 combined with a fire in 1728 destroyed most of the Old Towne along with Copenhagen’s medieval roots. The Olde Towne looks completely different today then it had before the fires. But, you can still get a sense of how it once was thanks to these remaining structures. Today the city is a testament to the strength of its people and how they have prevailed over the hardships of their past to create a better future for generations to come. 

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