Visiting Buda Castle in Budapest, Hungary
Visiting Buda Castle in Budapest, Hungary

We are a married couple traveling the world looking for that perfect place to raise a family. Two newlywed nerds from the Cleveland, Ohio area with dreams of moving to another country. We have traveled to eight countries so far and are currently saving up for our next trip. When it comes to our dreams of seeing the world, we always come together and each trip teaches us something new about ourselves and our relationship.

There are times being a couple traveling the world can be a struggle, financially, mentally and emotionally. A lot of people will say, long-term travel will doom a relationship or that you’ll end up hating each other by the end. That you’ll never be able to get away from each other, that you won’t have any personal space or time like you would at home. That you will always argue about money while saving for trips. And, that because of all this you’re going to end up fighting all the time, wanting to strangle your spouse or would-be archenemy.

Let us be the first to tell you, it does not need to be like this at all. Hopefully, our adventures will help you understand how wonderfully rewarding traveling as a couple really is. If nothing else, we hope our page helps you as well as inspires you to follow your dreams of traveling. 

John and Amanda

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