5 Romantic Ideas for Central Park

No matter what time of year it is Central park has some of the best romantic date spots in New York City. If you want to escape the noise and bustle of the crowded city, make a trip to Central Park. The scenery in the park is an amazing contrast to the gray stone and steel surrounding it. With the skyline of the city looming over the park, like some kind of concrete jungle threatening to overtake the last of natures beauty, Central Park has a grandiose atmosphere unlike any other.

For us while traveling, nothing is more romantic then exploring and experiencing all the new places we go. Central Park was no different. There are so many little spots to go and get away, each one with it’s own unique experience. We put together a list of 5 romantic ways to get your date-night started, we hope this helps you find a little more romance on your travels.

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Horse and Carriage Ride:

Video credit: IrixGuy’s Adventure Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDtnOp7jxs-OxlHrYw6QTAg

Whether you live in the city or you’re traveling, a romantic ride through central park is the epitome of a romantic date-night, whatever time of year it is. This a great way to cuddle up and tour the park, they offer 30 and 60 minute rides just make sure to reserve your spot ahead of time.

Central Park Zoo:Who doesn’t love cuddly, cuddly animals? I know Amanda does, there are few things that will make her melt more than an adorable fluffy creature. Take a walk through the Central Park Zoo to see over 130 different species of these adorable critters. .

Catch a Concert:With so many music venues and scenes in and around Central Park, including the famous Strawberry Fields and the Naumburg Bandshell, you will find a concert fitting any taste. The picturesque setting in the park will make any show romantic…even death metal.

Ice Skating:If your in New York for the winter season ice skating in Central Park is a must. Make sure you check out the famous Wollman Rink located in the southern part of the park. You might find it looks similar, as it has been featured in many movies and televison shows over the years.

Victorian Gardens:If you are staying around long enough for summer, check out Victorian Gardens. Located in the same spot as Wollman Rink, this is a classical style amusement park and a great way to impress your date winning some games .


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